Is It Legal To Vape While Driving

No doubt, vaping is a very trendy thing. However, combining it with driving can lead to some potential risks. Anyway, this endeavor is obviously safer than smoking a regular cigarette because of reduced risk of fire. The main rule for safe vaping while driving is to minimize anything that can distract attention from the road. The vaper should not vape in car with closed windows, because vapour creates a really thick veil inside the car, and it can distract the driver. Also, if the vape produces really thick vapour, it is also a bad idea to vape with windows opened, because a cloud of vapour can distract other drivers on the road. This is especially true for motorcyclists who can literally enter this cloud of vapour for a second.

Legal Issues

From a legal point of view, there are some specific laws regulating usage of gadgets, including as cell phones, iPods, mp3 players or GPS systems, while driving. But there is a lot of room for variations and interpretation. Technically, using a vape while driving  is legal. There are no valid laws which ban vaping when a person is driving a car.

More Benefits

There are some undoubted advantages of electronic cigarettes in an automobile:

  • no ash and smoldering cigarette stubs flying back into the window of the next car;
  • no burnt seats;
  • no nasty smell of cigarette stubs in the car ashtray;
  • the front door window seals are not doused with cigarettes and ash being shaken off in the half-open window.
  • There are no negative effects of passive vaping for passengers, associated with tobacco smoke, since vapour, unlike smoke, is harmless.

However, it is still not allowed to vape on the gas stations, because the device is potentially dangerous in terms of fire safety, even if it does not use or produce fire.

In cool or wet weather, it is better not to let steam on the windscreen, since it immediately produces the effect of fog. Although it is a short-term effect, and the flow from the deflectors of the air conditioner quickly drains it, but it is better to exhale right into the slightly open window.

Some people even claim that there are benefits of vaping while driving. In stressful city atmosphere, e-cigarettes allow you to relax, while deep breathing helps maintain tone and not sleep. Not only because you are doing some manipulation. Alkaloid nicotine in reasonable doses is a natural neurotransmitter, increases the activity of nerve receptors.

Anyway, vaper should be aware of the fact that vaping legislation is quickly developing and they should observe new amendments to the existing laws. So it is better to use common sense in the first place, and check legal amendments on a regular basis.