Is It Possible To Vape While Running?

Vaping and running: how to find a compromise? That’s a question for many vapers. After perfect and enjoyable running session, you just stop and immediately start vaping? Or you are supposed to vape while actually running? Good news for you is that regular smoking is twice as dangerous as for anyone who is friendly with the sport. On the other hand, vaping is less harmful, but it is still a dubious idea to vape while running.

Don’t Stress Your Body

If you consider your vaping as a habit for pleasure and relaxation, you should know that the most “tasty” vaping is right after running. But it is also the most harmful, because the lungs and cardiovascular system have to go back to their normal functioning after stress in their own natural pace. Puffing a vape and changing the mode of breathing can result in dizziness and even nausea. while vaping liquids are considered harmless, breathing with vapour is still unnatural. The lungs need a higher intake of oxygen during and immediately after the running session, while thick vapour can cause cough and the feeling of suffocation. Lining of the throat is also especially sensitive after running, which is more true in cold weather. Vaping immediately after running, not to mention while running, especially using flavours, can cause sore throat.

What To Keep in Mind

There are some tips for people who probably don’t want to give up vape in the course of jogging or running:

– Try not to vape an hour before any physical activity – even if it is just evening jogging. Otherwise, you might get dizzy.

– Do not use a vape an hour after training in order to prevent dizziness, nausea, cough and sore throat.

– In fact, if you are a vaper, but not a runner, it is a good idea to start. Running or any other cardio will help you ventilate your lungs properly.

– If your task is to build more muscle mass on your legs, then you have to quit, unfortunately. Because nicotine can decrease quantity of vitamin C, and more importantly in this matter,  testosterone. However, it is safe to use vaping liquids without nicotine.

– Actually, it is always a good idea to use vape liquids without nicotine. The idea behind it that the psychological habit remains, and the effects of it also remain. Moreover, the vaper can experiment with flavours instead of tasting the same bitter tobacco of a regular cigarette. In addition, the pleasure from vapour increases because vapour is thicker than smoke, and creates specific texture. So non-nicotine liquid is what every vaper should get.

Of course, these tips will not make you a champion, but they for sure will help you to maintain a healthy balance in your life. At least, being a running vaper, you can reduce the damage caused to your body by a regular cigarette for several times. And remember that sport always contributes to your health of both body and mind. So run and enjoy!