World Vaping Trends

The word “vape”, according to the listing of the Oxford Dictionary, became the most popular in 2014. Such authoritative opinion vividly reflects the annual world trends – in 2013, the word of the year was “selfie”.

Vaping has become fashionable and trendy globally especially in recent times: people who smoke e- cigarettes belong to a new subculture of vapers. Vapour now is everywhere: on the streets, in cafes, metro, cinemas, shopping centers, and universities.

What are the most popular trends in vaping?

  • Wider acknowledgement of vaping as a safe trend. Researchers from The Roswell Park Cancer Institute concluded: Vaping has less pronounced carcinogenic effect than conventional cigarettes. Another study reports the following: the use of electronic cigarettes can reduce the death rate due to conventional smoking by 21%.
  • Booming of vape shops. Due to the possibilities opened by the Internet and new technologies, online vape shops instantly became popular, and shortly, numerous offline vape shops started to appear in the cities.
  • Popping up vape bars: Vape bars have appeared immediately after the popularity of vape shops has shown that vaping is trendy. In vape bars, customers can try new liquids and flavours, order a unique mix, and even test drive a new device for vaping before actually buying it. Indeed, this trend has become something that goes beyond the substitution of smoking.
  • Vaper communities in social media and offline. You can find many shops, cafes and restaurants with vape theme in many developed countries. Ultimately, the vapers’ community is expanding and becoming overcrowded with a large number of like-minded people. This also resulted in organization of numerous festivals, gathering crowds of people.
  • Tricks. Tricks with steam can be often spotted on the Instagram or YouTube: however, these are not simple rings that grandfathers could blow out using a pipe, but creation of various shapes and their combinations. This trend is currently evolving into a real art.
  • Nicotine-free vaping. This trend becomes popular because vapers find loads of pleasure and fun in flavours, tricks, thick vapour, and uniqueness of device, which compensates for nicotine consumption. So, true vapers prefer nicotine-free liquids.
  • Unique custom-made devices for vaping. This trend is affordable only for people who are ready to invest hundreds and even thousands of dollars into their entertainment. They order unique devices with unimaginable style and additional functions.

So while many people consider vaping as just another fashionable innovation, in reality, it has long been much more than a simple way to quit smoking. Today, for many, this is a part of their lifestyle – trendy and fun.